Using our interconnected approach, we can create viral brand awareness, which will increase your traffic and consumer knowledge.


Our workflow will help you to understand, manage, and measure your social media presence. Our custom tools allow you to publish and extract information to and from multiple destinations at one time, create a custom approval process, and track viral activity. Here is how it works:

First, we discuss strategy. We align a success criteria and create customized customer personas. We put all the pieces together to fit your available resources and custom technology.

Social Listening and Reacting

Expanding your social dialogue can further increase customer loyalty and communication, as well as gain business intelligence through a listening strategy. We create solutions to help you manage, maintain, and react to these conversations by employing the following:

  • Content management tools to update social sites with one click.
  • Social pages and applications that gain friends and engage users.
  • Creating viral activity to increase social interaction and sharing.
  • Establishing strategic partnerships with your most influential users.

Detailed Reporting

Our reporting metrics for social solutions allow you to see in-depth results on interaction, sharing, and traffic origination. Some unique features include:

  • Asset acceleration: Gain critical business intelligence by determining how fast your content is expanding in real time
  • Learn where your content ends up, by website and geographical location, helping you determine where to invest your resources.

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Spotlight project for OfficeDepot

Social solutions that have immediate and lasting impact.

  • type1 diabetes social network for JDRF

    Increased awareness through social media press release platform and social strategy.

  • Our social marketing solutions use our existing social applications to realize your success faster. To make a custom social strategy for you, contact us.

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