Social Media Solutions

People want a place to gather and to support each other. They want to listen and be heard. Let them meet each other using the latest in social community features, customized for your unique needs. Using BlippMedia, you're ready to get people talking.

Strategic Launch

We aim to combine strategic goals with short term objectives. Simply put, we hit the ground running by putting together the correct access, social features, and seeded users/content to suit your needs. Some core social features include:

  • Community and Personal Blogs
  • Friends and User Profiles
  • Groups or Micro-Communities
  • Community Wikis
  • Private Messages
  • Threaded Discussions
  • Community and Personal Videos
  • Photo Galleries

Create a Successful Environment

Learn how your community interacts, and in turn, respond with new features and innovative ways to share information. That is the benefit of having a flexible platform that is all your own. Some powerful listening features include:

  • Sentiment Reports
  • Influencer Reports
  • Keyword Content Reports
  • Custom Registration Data

Communities for Health care

The most rewarding aspect of a healthcare community is being able to truly support and contribute knowledge to patients and caregivers.

The success and popularity of patient communities continues to grow and support thousands of users.

Our flexible solutions allow hospitals, pharmaceutical, and device companies to rest easy. We customize solutions to align with social media and ongoing FDA policies. Customized features include:

  • Flexible Sponsorhips scenarios
  • PHd, MD Moderators
  • AE Report Submission
  • Custom Privacy Settings
  • Resarch Benefits
  • Medical Survielance

To find out more about how we handle social communities for health care, give us a call.

Measurable Results.

Truly own your community data, your investments and have a flexible bussines model.

  • type1 diabetes social network for JDRF is a very active social network for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) especially for people with type 1 diabetes.

  • Our social community solutions integrate with small to large social marketing campaigns. To find out more call us. ;-)

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